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Those who do wrong things, and those 
who support those wrong things; 
both are culprits of the society.

Work. Work. Work.

woke up, be aware,
and do not stop until you rich
your goal 

You don’t fall in love, You grow in it. 

Birdlike, poison of two eyes
You fell  in love again


To know someone inside out, 
all you have to do is know their 


Even if the pebble is 
submerged underwater for 
thousand years, it fails to soak in any water.

Home is a Feeling

I've seen my home, thus I don't 
go anywhere looking for my 

If One Door Closes

When one door closes other ten 
opens up'; when a mute person can
 not talk, his 10 fingers talk instead 

The Value of Money

 Who said I don't understand the 

value of money?

I do whenever I don't have it.

Power of a Democratic Country

In a democratic country,

the Sovereign power should be in 
the hands of people

Shikkha- Rabindranath Tagore

The teachings of humanity are the 
ultimate education and all are 
subject to it.

There are a lot of people who can not read Bangla but can understand it very clearly. Bengali Quotes in English With the globalization Bengal is going ahead as well and every other kid in the block is in an English medium school and do not have any sort of experience about reading or writing Bangla, but that is not something we should be sitting on, rather we should do something about it so that this great and vast language stays with all its glory and poise. so to start here are some of the cult quotes of Bangla written in English and are explained as well.