Grameenphone Fnf Number Add Delete Change View FnF and Super FnF

How to add delete change grameenphone fnf number? 

 Add FnF 
Type Number and send sms to 2888 
Example: 017XXXXXXXX and send sms to 2888 

 Change FnF   
Type Old Number New Number and send to 2888 
Example: 017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX and send sms to 2888 

 Add Super FnF  
Type SF Number and send sms to 2888 
Example: SF 017XXXXXXXX and send to 2888 

 Change Super FnF  
Type SFC Old Number New Number and send to2888 
Example: SFC 017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX and send sms to 2888 

 View FnF  
Type FF and send to 2888 

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